How to Remove Redirect Virus?( Browser Hijacker Removal Guide)

Default-Search is a browser hijacker altering the settings of your browser which you use on Windows operating system. Users always have to remove Default-Search hijacker right after suspicious page becomes the new default home page. But we have to warn you that you may become victim of the developers of this browser hijacker as looks like a normal search engine and users normally notice the changes only after few uses of the browser.

The introduced browser hijacker has all the necessary features of the search to be presented as useful search provider, including Images, Web, Videos, News and some other. Together with this, seems to have more merits as users can make this search more personal, i.e. aimed at the special location he/she lives. The user is able to choose between many languages of the world – from German and Turkish, to Japanese, Spanish or Italian, and so on. Not taking into account the advantages provided, you are recommended to delete Default-Search as it is more hazardous than beneficial.

default search Remove Default

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How Default-Search is added to Windows system?

To tell the truth, the installation of Default-Search is closely linked with freeware or shareware applications. These are known to be the main sources where users can get Default-Search and then have their search engines modified to To make it clear, the websites providing you with these unsafe free of charge programs should be visited as rarely as possible. Users often go to suspicious pages, download and install freeware programs and then end up with hijacker on their PCs. The focus should be put on the installation procedure which is usually skipped though it provides the only chance to have unwelcome items unchecked. If the user doesn’t cancel the installation of supplementary items, he/she lets the system to be intruded by browser hijacker. Of course, users have to immediately operate Default-Search removal and avoid having any contact with it in the future.
Since this passage deals with the installation of Default-Search, the other way to get this hijacker added to the system is to download it by yourself. Finally, you can obtain a browser hijacker after facing the infected spam which hides Default-Search inside. One way or another, there is no pleasure to have browser hijacker operating and controlling your browser as it leads a lot of undesirable activities. The features of Default-Search operation are named in the next passage as well as the guide on how to remove Default-Search.

default search net1 Remove Default

How does Default-Search act?

Most of the times users realize having only after when it starts performing. Although page becomes the default home page right after the hijacker is activated, a huge number of computer users do not notice it. They assume about the changes on the system only after something serious starts happening. The first thing making Windows users become anxious about condition of computer is a poor operation and inability to launch programs in a normal pace. Then, a flow of a number of advertisements which normally pop-up when the user searches for some information on the browser. Elude clicking on these ads or visiting recommended sites, because these are extremely dangerous and can harm your system by infiltrating a variety of infections.

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Although the changed search provider is not the first modification usually noticed, you should be informed about it at the first place. We are obliged to educate you that should never be used as a search provider because it is useless and can mislead you. The results provided by search engine of are normally modified and inaccurate, so you better use or for your searches. What regards Default-Search, you have to get rid of this hijacker. Delete in order to repair your Windows operating system and have safe searching sessions.

Do I have to delete

If it’s already not clear whether it is obligatory to get rid of Default-Search, we assure that it is the first thing each user has to do. As it was previously explained, the aim of Default-Search is to make you use it for your searches while we do not recommend doing this. If you continue using as a search engine, your Windows system is exposed to a number of security threats. Once you enter the search words, you are given a list of results which are customized. Of course, they are provided to encourage you visit them and click on each advertisement or link displayed. This allows to boost traffic of the sponsored webpages, but is not beneficial and even dangerous for you, as you can severely infect your own PC. What you also shouldn’t do is to be interested in pop-ups, because you can get into problems without getting benefit. Please, take immediate actions to remove, until it’s not too late and your system is not already broken. Read our removal guide below and hurry up to safeguard Windows operating system.

How to remove

As the key action is to completely eliminate, users have to know how to do this. Each time virus enters the system, it is mandatory to remove it with all its supplementary parts.  What regards Nationzom browser hijacker, you can find it hard to remove manually. In case you want to do this, you should ask yourself whether you are experienced enough. Manual removal instructions are provided in the passage below. Meanwhile, automatic removal is helpful for everyone, not taking into account the computer skills of the user. In this case, user has to install Spyhunter software and operate a full system scan. The detection and removal of hazardous elements in the system is necessary to have Windows system fully cleaned and protected. Keep the introduced anti-malware on your PC and you will be prompted about changes on the system.

Manual Removal

How to remove from Internet Explorer

  • Collect Alt+X – move to Internet Options.
  • General tab – Here, get a new startup page.
  • Confirm with OK – Collect Alt+X.
  • Move to Manage add-ons – Search providers.
  • Get a new search provider – get rid of Default-Search.

How to remove from Mozilla Firefox

  • Find the icon of the browser – move to Options.
  • While on General tab – get a new startup site.
  • Confirm with OK – press on search engine icon (left corner of search box).
  • Go for Manage search engines – delete Default-Search.
  • Approve actions with OK.

How to remove from Google Chrome

  • Collect Alt+F – move to Settings.
  • Visit On Start-up – Open a specific page or set of pages.
  • Move to Set pages – get a new home page address.
  • Approve with OK – navigate to Search.
  • Go for Manage search engines – get a new search supplier.
  • Remove – finish with Done.
  • Additionally, reboot the browser.

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